Ray Ban Unisex Sonnenbrille Aviator, Gr. Large (Herstellergröße: 58), Schwarz (Gestell: schwarz L2823, Gläser: grau grün)


Originally developed to combat the blinding glare experienced by US Air Force pilots, Aviators merged formidable design with cutting-edge technology and changed the face of society forever.Made in Italy, the Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses offer a classic look that has stood the test of time while retaining a practical and fashionable design. Offering 100% UV protection, these Ray-Ban sunglasses come complete with their own stylish carrying case so you can be prepared for any occasion, indoors or outdoors.The sleek and lightweight black frame sits stylishly aside the green tinted lenses, measuring 58mm across. As a subtle finishing touch, the iconic Ray-Ban logo is incorporated onto the lenses themselves.

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